Why is Macaron Boxes Full of Colors?

When it comes to the urge of a sugar rush, macarons come first.  Macarons are originated from a French region, and they are basically sweet meringue-based edibles made with egg white, sugar icing, granulated sugar, a meal of almond, and food coloring. This food coloring is what makes macarons seem so engaging and full of colors.
Macarons are traditionally held to have been introduced by a leading Italian chef of queen Catherine de Medici during the Renaissance in France. 

However, the delicious taste and outstanding appeal of macarons are made them famous in the western world as well. However, macarons aren’t economical at all; they are considered premium sweets due to the ingredients they use to prepare them. 

Macarons represent charm and enchantment to the gathers due to the spectrum of colors they have. Such colorful edible requires equally attractive packaging, which leads to the pile of colors we see in all macaron boxes wholesale. However, the colors of these custom printed macaron boxes do a lot than being charming and all. Different colors have different effects on our purchasing decisions. 

In this post, we will see which colors affect which parts of the decision-making process and specific and help you attract more buyers to your bakeshop.

How colors influence people

Color and the psychology of colors can significantly impact people’s decision-making while purchasing. Today, people make unconscious decisions about a person, situation, or product within a few seconds or minutes. Colors play into this primary impression.

Macaorn Packaging

That fact is not lost on brands and sponsors. They know specific colors, tints, tones, and shades invoke specific emotion and move people to action. This effect is subtle and powerful at the same time. Within their choice of color in logos, packaging, and advertising, businesses can influence consumers to purchase on impulse or take their product or service over their competitor’s.

Think about your favorite trademark and remember how its spectrum of colors predominated your purchase decision. Does their logo sport is bright red similar to Netflix? Or are you one of those persons who are fond of colors black and white like Nike? Perhaps you fancy yellow and are brown too and find Subway’s scheme more engaging.

Here is a quick overview for you on colors and their effects to help you out with some of the most basic colors and the emotion they invoke while selling macaron with macaron boxes bulk.


Red is the color of urgency, which makes it suitable for clearance sales. However, red is also known to increase appetite, so maybe this could be the prime colours scheme for your Kraft macaron boxes

The color red stimulates the human body to increase heart rate and blood pressure. Most people associate this color with excitement, movement, and passion. As an example, McDonald’s use red for their logo, with a slight combination of yellow. Whereas on the other, KFC blended it with white, and we all see how well red is working for both of them. 


The green color is mostly associated with health, tranquility, power, and nature. People use it in stores to ease shoppers and improve environmental concerns. It also stimulates harmony in the human brain and encourages a perspective leading to determination.


One of the most leading food companies to use the color green is Starbucks. Green shows that Starbucks wishes to promote a sense of relaxation in their dine-in areas, inviting consumers to come in for a coffee to help them break through a stressful day.


The color purple is mainly associated with wisdom, royalty, and respect when it comes to color psychology. It excites problem-solving as well as creativity. Purple color has frequently been seen developing beauty and anti-aging products. As purple is associated with royalty and respect, it is no surprise that the Hallmark is depicted with a crown. While some eccentric brands are affiliated with purple and its color scheme, think of the email pioneer Yahoo! — a well-known brand with creative name and approaches.
A closer approach, think of the logo of your favorite beauty spa. 

There’s a reasonable chance the logo or sign includes a pleasing contrast of the color like lilac, violet, or fuchsia, all of them are shades of purple. If you want your macarons to present a sense of royalty or premium appeal, purple might be the color you want to add to your color scheme. 

Bottom Line

Macaron Boxes wholesale

Macarons are products that can incorporate any color and make it pleasing to the consumers. Here you have the open hand to try some experiments and make it a hit and trial case. However, you can also merge your custom macaron boxes color scheme with your bakery’s logo. This will make your macaron box present your brand name and make it unique, among others.