Why Is Pallet Management Important In Logistics & Supply Chains


When we think about the structure and goods used in the transport and logistics sector, the term “pallet” rarely skips our attention. It is one of the most common structures used for loading goods, handling transport, and storing them. Even in the global supply chain, pallets account for a lot more. For instance, “pallets are used to carry 80% of all US commerce and account for more than 46% of all US hardwood lumber production.” This flat structure made out of wood is gaining traction and it wouldn’t be hard to think of it as becoming all the more important in the supply chains and logistics industry in the coming years.

Although pallets may not be that popular when compared to refrigerated trucks or ERP systems, they are very much crucial to distribution and logistics. With the right technology and automation, they can even allow greater visibility into the movements of the goods they carry. Pallets have often been deemed as the “cells of the supply chain.” Listing pallet management services for your supply chain business will therefore be a good investment.

Below are a few benefits of pallet management for your organization:

• With pallets that constitute the primary interface of a unit load, you can ensure that your product will remain highly protected and safeguarded throughout the whole supply chain process. In other words, pallets have a massive role to play in the outcome of a shipment.
• Going for pallets that are sturdy and stuff, equipped with the proper size, durability, strength, and low weight are ideal when you are making your choice.
• Pallet management is quite a task as pallet supply often flows in reverse of product’s supply chain which is what leads us to label it rightfully as an “ongoing struggle.” However, if the pallet management seems like a hassle to be taken on in-house, it can always be outsourced to a third-party provider.
• Listing the help of a pallet pooling service makes it possible to store a few ideal pallets at any point in time, which is, perhaps, its biggest advantage.
• A pallet management company has a list of clients, more like a network that allows them to move the pallets around efficiently to serve the needs of various businesses. With such a solution, you can be sure about the exact number of pallets and the right kind of pallets you’ll be needing.

Other advantages:

• Sturdier pallets: Pallet pooling services often go for pallets that are of great quality and highly durable. This lowers the likelihood of product damage through a failed or broken pallet.
• Reliable supply: You will no longer need to contact recyclers or pallet builders to supply you with pallets at regular intervals. You can leave this task on pallet providers entirely.
• Saves time: These services save you from the tedious exercise of procuring, storing and managing pallet inventory on your own. This allows you to save enormous task which could instead be spent on monitoring your core functioning,

Opting for total pallet solutions will ensure an A-Z taking care of the process of pallet management that, in turn, will simplify your pallet supply chain and boost your efficiency and productivity in ways unimaginable!

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