Why Metal Buildings are the First Choice for Business Owners

Why Metal Buildings are the Best Choice for any Business

Metal buildings are the future of brick-and-mortar businesses. With over 80% of all new companies choosing metal buildings as their construction preference, more and more companies are turning to the advantages steel structures have to offer.

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Metal buildings are a cost-effective method of opening a business without the issues that are inherent to traditional stick-built designs. Below, we’ve put together a list of some of the most significant reasons metal buildings have risen to become the prime choice for new businesses.

  1.     Durability

Businesses need to stand the test of time, and steel is the perfect building material to fill that need. Steel structures are designed to outlast many newer stick-built structures by decades. Steel structures are also effective at protecting your valuables against the elements, engineered to withstand dangerous weather conditions like storms, snow, and high winds.

  1.     Low Maintenance

Metal buildings are designed to require minimal maintenance throughout their lifespan. Metal buildings are built from galvanized steel that won’t rust or rot like similar wooden structures.

  1.     Construction Speed

Metal structures can save you a ton of time, heartache, and money! Many wooden frame buildings take, on average, seven months from conception to completion, but steel structures, even larger ones, can be fully erected in about a month. Steel structures require less expertise while simultaneously offering shorter delivery and installation times.

  1.     Cost-Effective

If the speed of construction doesn’t convince you of the superiority of steel as a construction option, your wallet will do the rest of the persuading. Steel structures cost significantly less than most competing stick-built buildings in construction costs and overall maintenance.

  1.     Environmentally Friendly

Metal structures are 100% recyclable, making them one of the most eco-friendly construction options available. Steel is also easily sourced and doesn’t require miles of deforestation like wooden alternatives.

The Cost-Saving Advantages of Commercial Metal Buildings

In addition to steel structures being a cheaper construction option than other building materials, they can also save you money in reduced maintenance costs. Steel is resistant to just about everything.


Steel structures are forged from galvanized steel, making them virtually impenetrable to water or moisture. Steel won’t warp, rot or collapse due to water damage.


Much like water, metal buildings are fire-resistant, capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. Natural structural fires typically won’t ever reach those temperatures, keeping your possessions, cars, and equipment safe!


Steel gives rodents, insects, and the creepy crawlies nowhere to set up shop. Termites can’t use metal garages as a food source.

 –        Wind-Resistant

Metal buildings are engineered to withstand heavy rains, wind, and snow loads, saving you from damage during violent weather.

With a building that’s optimized to require minimal upkeep and maintenance, you’ll save money each time you don’t have to climb on a roof, replace a panel, or hire pest control.

What Kind of Businesses Can Benefit from Commercial Metal Buildings

You may have noticed that many larger big box stores have long since pivoted to using metal structures as their go-to building material, and for a good reason. Steel is inexpensive! 

In addition to being cost-effective, some steel structures like clear span style buildings can also be structurally sound without the need for interior beams, making them an excellent choice for warehouses and sorting centers. In fact, they’ve become such a go-to structure that we’ve compiled a list of some of the different industries that use metal buildings.

  1.     Agricultural and Farm Buildings

Farms have an endless need for available storage. Furthermore, they often require a means to store foodstuffs and perishable supplies, which requires a building that can stave off the elements, pests, and insects. Well, there is no better solution to this need than a metal building.

  1.     Commercial Aircraft Hangars

Most larger-scale airplane hangars employ the use of clear-span commercial metal buildings to house and repair aircraft. Housing such large airliners requires an astronomical amount of unobstructed square footage, and steel has that in spades.

  1.     Commercial Workshops

Not only do metal buildings give workshops plenty of room for various activities, but they also offer many professions like welders, woodworkers, and glassblowers a safe space to work. Steel is resistant to fire damage, making it the ideal option for your next workshop, mill, or garage.

  1.     Retail Outlets

Many larger department stores need an abundance of square footage to house their inventory. Steel not only offers a cost-effective means of achieving this, but construction is streamlined, making it the only choice for franchises hoping to build new branches quickly.

  1.     Office Buildings

Metal structures are an efficient method of housing an office or business headquarters. By finishing out the interior of a metal structure, they have the same features as any ordinary stick-built office building.

  1.     Restaurants

Much like office buildings or retail outlets, restaurants often use metal buildings as their go-to option. By picking steel as their building material, the money restaurants save in construction costs can then be used to benefit the business in other areas. Additionally, steel is a flame-resistant material, making it the preferred option for kitchens and fire-prone establishments.

  1.     Warehouses

Nothing new to see here! Warehouses have used steel buildings as their number one construction method for generations now. The only difference is that now metal buildings, carports, and steel garages are built using modern technology, making them safer and more efficient.


We’ve taken a journey through the many varying reasons why steel-built structures are the number one choice for many businesses in the modern era. They can be built quickly without much of the hassle found in stick-built alternatives. Steel is cheaper than options like wood or concrete. It requires minimal maintenance throughout its life and is also one of the most environmentally friendly materials on the market.

Steel can also withstand heavy winds, rain, and pretty much any elemental force you could throw at it. There’s a reason that architects and the most significant corporate institutions across the world choose steel as their building preference for skyscrapers, bridges, and brick-and-mortar businesses. It’s just better.