Why PHP Programming Language Is Preferred By Web Developers For Development?


In the year 2018, about 79.6% of all websites were made using PHP. Since its introduction in 2004, PHP has grown into a wider community and more developers prefer it for developing websites. 

Now, before delving into the reasons why PHP is so popular and preferred by web developers, let’s first get to know more about PHP. 

A Brief Introduction To PHP 

Hypertext Preprocessor or PHP is a scripting language that helps with the backend or server-side development. It is open source and that makes it one of the most popular programming languages used today. It can be embedded into the markup language HTML and used effectively. 

Nowadays, PHP is also used with various content management systems like WordPress. So, learning PHP is quite beneficial for website design and development. 

Reasons Why PHP Is So Popular?


  • Open-source 


PHP is an open-source language and hence can be used by anyone anytime without paying any cost. This makes it one of the most popular languages present. No matter whether one is a seasoned developer or a beginner, they can choose PHP for providing clients with quality website design company


  • Scalable 


Modern PHP can be easily used with multiple web frameworks and can scale depending on the traffic on the website. Suppose your site attracts low traffic at present, but it attracts more customers in the future, PHP enables your site to accommodate both kinds of situations and work effortlessly. 


  • User-friendly 


PHP is one of the most organized programming languages present today and developers find it easy to use. The language is very similar to the programming language C and needs little effort from developers. Even beginners can easily learn and get acquainted with the PHP programming language. 


  • Performance 


The execution time for PHP scripts is much less and that makes it one of the most popular languages present today. It is as popular as other technologies like PERL, ASP.NET, JSP, etc. The latest PHP upgrades also include improved functionalities like better memory management capacity, third-party accelerator, etc. With frequent upgrades, PHP is becoming more stable and popular for any web development company. 


  • Secure 


Even though people may think about how open-source platforms are more susceptible to cyber-attacks and possess severe security threats, PHP is truly an exception. Owing to the in-built security features of PHP, it has emerged as one of the secure most languages used for web development. If you were to ask any web development company, they will choose PHP as their preferred language. 


  • Wide community 


PHP has a huge community of developers and is continually growing. If you get stuck while developing a piece of code, seeking help from fellow developers and web design professionals will be an easy task. 

These are a few reasons why most web developers prefer to work with PHP language. If you are thinking of availing Web development services, you may choose an agency that has developers proficient in PHP. Auxesis Infotech is a web development agency that is capable of developing robust websites.

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