Why purchase fargo hdp 5000 printer in UAE for your office?

There are several models available, and without a guide, choosing the best ID Card Printer in Dubai would be a difficult and exhausting effort. You may be familiar with the ID Card printer brands that you are considering and have a general understanding of the features and benefits they provide. The Fargo HDP 5000 Printer in UAE is very functional, trendy and easy to operate and maintain; cards, strips, and overlay are cartridge-based, allowing for snap-in replacement and the disposal of ripped or wasteful materials. It is possibly the most dependable Smart card issuing system/machine available. Superior print quality, better dependability and solidity, and enhanced security are all advantages of printing and encoding your picture ID cards with the compact and adaptable HDP 5000 ID card printer and encoder. With High Definition Printing TM, everything looks better. The shadings are vibrant, the photos are clear, and the price is the best in the UAE. Call Cardline right now for the most beautiful HDP 5000 id card printer in Dubai.

  • High Definition Printing® provides improved print quality for a more striking public image, especially on smart cards that contain embedded circuitry.
  • Highly durable and reliable technology reduce the cost of ownership, and makes High Definition Card Printing accessible to virtually any organization at very fair price.
  • We provide a lifetime print head guarantee and a three-year warranty on everything else with the HDP 5000 ID card printer and encoder. Fargo makes one of the greatest dual-sided id card printers.
  • The adaptable modular design allows you to adjust it as your needs change. Field-upgradable features include a twin card input hopper, dual-sided printing, single- or dual-sided laminating, and card encoding.
  • Because of its basic design and intuitive use, it requires little training. Cartridges that hold cards, ribbons, and over laminates load quickly and effortlessly.

HDP 5000 ID Card Printer Features:

Our improved HDP 5000 ID card printer and encoder is loaded with features. With extra modules, the HDP 5000 ID card printer and encoder may be simply upgraded in the field. Cardline is the most dependable Fargo HDP 5000 printer/encoder supplier in Dubai, UAE. It’s loaded with features. It is ideal for technology cards with embedded circuits since it consistently creates High Definition cards with the highest image quality available. Cardline UAE offers the most well-known Fargo printers at a low price in Dubai. The HDP 5000 ID Card Printer produces images that look more like a sharp polished photograph than a standard ID.

  • A new optional twin card input hopper streamlines card handling and reduces downtime.
  • The next-generation HDP platform from HID Global allows for quicker print speeds.
  • Optional single-sided or dual-sided laminating for increased card security–quickly.
  • The dual-sided card printing option allows you duplex printing with automatic feed tray.
  • High Durability Optional HDP Card durability is substantially improved by the use of film.
  • The Smart Screen TM LCD Control Panel shows useful status messages and instructions.
  • High quality low-cost printers
  • Best Smart card issuance machines

Printer Options:

  • New: Upgradeable Dual Card Input Hopper
  • Single-sided or dual-sided (simultaneous) card lamination module – upgradeable
  • Contact/contactless smart card encoding – upgradeable
  • Cartridge and door locks
  • Printer maintenance kit
  • Upgradable magnetic stripe encoding
  • Upgradable 200-card input hopper
  • Upgradable dual-sided printing
  • Single-wire Ethernet and USB 2.0 interfaces for in-line printing and encoding


HDP 5000 Card Printer Supplier in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & UAE

Cardline is a trading outlet for respected ID card printer brands such as HID Fargo, Swift Pro Card Printer Series, and the OEM of Entrust Data cards. When it comes to ID Card Printer price and stock availability, our partnership with Fargo and Swiftpro gives us a major advantage over our competitors in the ID Card Printer Industry. Cardline has also provided and supported ID Card Printers, pre-printed ID Cards, and card printer ribbons in Dubai straight to customers in order to assist them with their ID Cards. We assist customers in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, and Pakistan, among other countries. budget and requirements. We have the resources and capacity to address the needs of all of our clients, regardless of where they are.

We also offer high quality ID card printer in Dubai rentals and low-cost ID Card Printers to fit your needs and budget. Cardline is an authorized Fargo HDP 5000 card printer reseller in Dubai, as well as a supplier of the full spectrum of HID Global products and smart card issuing systems in the UAE, Middle East, and Africa. Our sales team will assist you for best HID Fargo id card printer bundle for your needs. Fargo dual sided id card printers are the most popular printers all over the world.