Why Saba University School of Medicine is Important?

Saba University School of Medicine is an innovative medical school based on the concepts of Ayurveda. It was established in Saba, Vanuatu, Australia, in 1972. Since that time, it has been offering post-graduate diploma programs in various health care fields. In Saba, you can earn your Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Services (HHS), Bachelor of Health Science (BHS), or Doctor of Medicine (DMD) degrees. All these courses are designed to prepare students for a rewarding career in medicine.

Saba University School of Medicine – Medical Programs

Saba University School of Medicine offers a variety of Master’s programs in various fields that will prepare you for specialization or entry-level practice in any field of medicine. The Saba University School of Medicine also confers Dental, Physician Assistant, Medical Office Administration, Medical Office Management, Pharmacy Technician, and Medical Assisting degrees upon its graduates. Many international medical schools offer degree programs in Saba; therefore, if you are looking for international medical schools, you can find numerous universities and colleges in Saba that offer degree programs. Besides, you can also find several universities in the region that offer medical education scholarships in Saba.

Features of this University

When you decide to go to one of the international medical schools in Saba, you will be delighted by the many benefits of earning a degree from a university located in this charming area. Saba is situated on the west coast of Vanuatu and is bordered by the Cook Islands and the Solomon Islands. Because of its location, Saba’s weather is subtropical, meaning it’s never too cold or too warm, which is very inviting to aspiring physicians and other healthcare professionals alike.

Master Degree Programs for Students

One of Saba University School of Medicine’s unique features Saba is the inclusion of the Masters of Medical Science program. This four-year graduate program consists of residential learning, clinical rotations, and the Master of Science in Medical Science in Nursing degree. Students in the Masters of Science in Medical Science program can opt for either elective courses in the Masters of Health Science, Health Services Administration or Business and Management. This Master’s program allows students to focus on areas of their choice. The Saba campus is served by the Saba General Hospital, the Prince Charles Hospital, and the Saba District Hospital.

After Medical Courses

After students complete their courses, they have to register for the University’s annual Medical Conference to present their research and findings in the United States and overseas. Once in the country, students participate in the Saba University Annual Summer Program, a week-long retreat for academicians and practitioners. In this program, students get to enjoy the best of Saba’s tropical environment, engage in cultural activities, and get to know other students through group activities. There are also lectures given by nationally recognized leaders in the medical field. These are followed by a visit from a renowned surgeon from Saba’s main campus.

Semester Programs at Saba University

Unlike most medical schools, there are only four semesters at Saba University School of Medicine. During the Fall Semester, students can choose to register for up to five semesters or just the fall semester; during Spring Semester, they can register for either five semesters or the full year; and during the Winter Session, they can either register for just the fall or the spring semester. All courses are taught in the same manner, and students will be prepared for their certification exam upon graduation.

For a student who cannot attend the University regularly, or for whom regular classes are not offered, the Saba University offers the Saba University School of Pharmacy, which is also a standalone campus. For students who wish to major in a specific course at this campus, there are separate pharmacy courses that they can enroll in. The five-semester clinical medicine tuition includes an introductory year of pharmacy technology, the core course of which is the foundations of pharmacology.

This course allows students to develop the skills necessary to become ace pharmacologists. After this, students take their core courses in anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, pharmacology, pharmacotherapeutics procedures, pathology and physiology, and law and business ethics.

Why is Saba University Ranked the Best?

Many of the world’s top hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and research organizations send graduates to the Saba University School of Medicine in the United States and the Caribbean, making this medical school one of the top-ranked medical schools in the entire world.

Students who graduate and find success in their careers have the option of earning a Ph.D. in pharmaceutical chemistry from the school, which has a very high acceptance rate. Other Saba University School of Medicine programs include the Master of Science in Biomedical Studies, the Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration, the Master of Science in Public Administration, and the Master of Science in Nursing.