Why Should You Own A Versatile Super App Like Gojek?

In the trending technological era, it is much essential that businesses should provide multiple services to customers that will enhance business visibility to the next level. Why do you need to offer multiple services to your customers? This is because your brand should be well-known among the customers and in the business market. Multiservice is also the biggest reason through which you can achieve brand recognition for the plethora of services that you provide.

As people are mostly relying on multi service providing applications, there are many advantages in starting up an app like Gojek which will increase the popularity of the brand and the list of services that you provide to your customers. What are the benefits in coming up with the plan to commence an online multi-service business application in demand. What is the Gojek Clone all about? What are the major features of Gojek Clone? We shall now dive in to get an overview of the Gojek Clone App.

What Is A Gojek Clone?

A Gojek Clone is an on-demand and one-stop solution provider application that provides multiple services to your customer. With a 50+ wide range of service options available, the customers can easily utilize the maximum number of services from it. As a comprehensive service provider, you can offer all types of exclusive virtual service experiences to your customers. With all the major and primary features developed in the Gojek Clone App, both customers, middlemen and business partners will benefit from the level of user-friendliness of the app.

Features Of Gojek Like App

One of the most required services from an app development company to your business is that you can customize your required features based on your unique business ideas. What are the main features of the Gojek Clone application? The list of major features of Gojek Clone is given below.


Location-Based Search


The location-based feature helps the users to choose their services from the particular location they live in.


Scheduled Booking


The users can book their required services from the vast list of services and also set the schedule and the exact timing of the booked services. 


Contactless Delivery


Due to the heavily spreading virus across the world, the contactless delivery option is considered one of the most required and useful features in the Gojek application. 


Special Offers And Discounts


As the online delivery services keep increasing, the sales also keep multiplying as customers will stick to the same service provider to obtain various special offers and discounts.


Booking/Order History 


The order history feature is also one of the useful features to the customers as they can reorder the list of services that they obtained earlier, and there will be no need to search for the services from first.




With the referral feature, it helps the users to earn some reward points on each successful app installation by their family and friends because of the endorsement.


Self Pick Up


If the users feel that they can pick up their ordered services, they can eventually make use of the self pick up option to directly get them from the service providers.


In-App Notifications


The In-App notifications help the users to instantly receive any type of updates related to the services, such as offers, discounts, app updates, and more. 


Multiple Payment Options

After the user finishes the ordering process, they can pay for their requested services using multiple payment options such as credit/debit cards, e-wallets, net banking, and cash payments.


Why Choose An App Like Gojek ?

When it comes to service providers, there are a vast number of service providers out there that have proved their business growth from scratch to a highly successful business. So, it is a great option to come up with an app like Gojek,where you can include some unique services to your business that would have been missed out by other service providers. By doing so, you can cover up the left out business features that have gone unnoticed by the current business service providers. This will serve you as an opportunity to prove yourself unique among the customers based on the ideas that you implement in your business.

Benefits Of Multi-Service App Like Gojek Clone

What are the advantages of having a multi-service super app like Gojek? There are various benefits when it comes to setting up a multiple service provider. Some of the benefits are listed below.


Increased Customer Needs


Due to the increased needs of customers to get everything online, this will surely be a beneficial one. You can also provide a widespread service provider and increase the chances of your brand getting its visibility among customers.


High Revenue


The revenue gets generated rapidly, as the customers are well informed about your multi servicing, which will eventually grow your business and revenue more.


Cost Saving


When it comes to developing the app with the customized features, you can purchase the complete ready to install business applications from the best application developers out there, which saves you a huge amount of cost and time.


Customer Loyalty


As you provide a variety of services to the customers, they will stick to your brand and service, and if you are the best service provider, no doubt, your customers will gain huge trust in the services that you offer.


Expansion Of Business 


If the business keeps booming over time, you can gradually get to the needs and demands of your customers, and you can keep expanding your business based on your customers’ expectations.


It is finally concluded that choosing the right business path will eventually give you success. When it comes to the law of demand and supply in economics, it is a must for the upcoming budding entrepreneurs to plan and to layout, the best business practices. This will eventually yield more profit from the customers to the businesses and optimized benefits for the customers by the service providers will act as a perfect balance between the demand and supply of the business services in the society.