Why So Special About Netgear Genie


Netgear Genie Android version is also called NETGEAR Wizard Android version is router management software. Netgear Genie app manages Internet access, password change, data transfer, and other services by connecting to the router!

Software Introduction

Genie is client software designed for NETGEAR routers that enable users to monitor, connect and control their home network and diagnose and automate problems with network connections. After the Netgear genie setup users can browse files shared on the home network, including files, videos, media files, photos, and more.

Software features

  • After the user enters the login password, the various configurations of the router can be easily modified on the mobile phone.
  • Includes wireless network name, password, open guest private network, view and manage devices in the connected network, control network access rights, control traffic, wireless file transfer between devices within the network, wireless signal analysis, additional USB devices File access and upload and download, without using mywifiext  one-click to restart the router.
  • You can also access and play on other devices in the network as player pictures and videos, built-in QR code scanning can easily access not only to scan the network password can also scan the daily life of all the information QR encountered.

Software advantage

There are various advantages of this esteemed gadget, given below is the detailed descriptions of each of its advantage.

As a Household Product

With the latest and fastest web technologies, NETGEAR makes it easy to have the smartest everyday home life. With a range of easy-to-use products, you can usually watch streaming movies at night, enjoy virtually any content on your tablet without buffering, check in at home with your smartphone, and store and protect your family’s precious memories.

From state-of-the-art wireless Internet connectivity to superior streaming, remote home video surveillance and storage solutions, your home networking system is ready to deliver the speed, coverage , and performance you need. NETGEAR focuses on everything related to networking, and our goal is to give you a seamless online experience, and you just need to relax and enjoy. Not only this, the Netgear router setup is just a piece of cake for anyone.

As a Commercial product

In the business world, confidence represents everything. This is especially important for your network. Whether you’re a small business with a huge dream or a medium-sized business that’s ready to move forward, you need to securely share network access and ideas, securely connect to remote locations, and provide employees with the right business tools.

NETGEAR provides network, storage and security solutions that eliminate the cost and complexity of large IT. Netgear’s reliable, affordable and advanced network product line combines ease of installation with ease of maintenance from all time available Netgear support Netgear delivers solutions that you deserve, so you can spend more time on the most important things – developing your business.

For service providers

The most important thing is to get customer satisfaction and loyalty. NETGEAR is committed to your success. That’s why we provide the tools and solutions you need to help your civil and business customers connect, improve their productivity and make them happy.

Work with NETGEAR to create home networking, home media, security and automation, and mobile solutions. We value those critical details to help you deliver customized, cost-effective, and scalable solutions that ultimately help you make a profit.

Other Compelling Features:

  • You may use the NETGEAR Wizard to manage, monitor and even repair your home network Wi-Fi.
  • Stay connected. Wizards can automatically fix common wireless network problems.
  • Wizards give you easy access to router features such as parental controls, updates Netgear firmware Update guest networks, wireless channels, speed tests, and more.
  • You can use the network map to view all the devices connected to your home network.
  • The NETGEAR sprite is compatible with any NETGEAR router. To manage router settings through the wizard, you may need to update the router firmware to the latest version.

The Update log

  • Add wireless network analysis (you must allow the application to access the location of the device to use this feature).
  • Improved default login flow – skip NETGEAR company account login. The sprite program does not log in directly to take you to the dashboard. You can log in to your US NETGEAR company for remote access to the dashboard.
  • Solve login problems.
  • Fixed crash issues.

So that’s all about the Netgear Genie login that actually works like your real life genie for your home Wi-Fi network.

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