Why to Choose the IB Primary Years Programme

It’s important to choose the best school program for your child, and there are so many reasons to choose the IB Programme. Here are some of the top reasons and benefits of choosing the IB Primary Years Programme for your child’s education, growth and development:



  • Your child learns a wide range of subjects from a younger age with the IB Primary Years Programme. It’s true that children are a lot like sponges. Young students, especially those in primary school, learn large amounts of information very quickly from their school environment. Enrolling your young child in an educational program like the IB Programme (PYP) helps make sure that they will get the best possible education during their early years, due to the program’s huge and diverse curriculum. For example, students become bilingual earlier in life, are able to express themselves creatively in art classes, practice being active in a physical education class and learn all of the core subjects at a much faster pace. Non-IB programs might have the same variety, but the IB Primary Years Programme employs the best teachers and specialists with only the best and most extensive credentials to teach your child and facilitate their growth and development.


    • The IB Primary Years Programme emphasizes the importance of the real world and global scholarship. The IB Primary Years Programme curriculum helps incorporate interactive activities and is committed to engaging students in global, cultural conversation and real-world applications. Children in the IB Primary Years Programme gain a crucial intercultural understanding and knowledge that is not found in most public school and private school programs. Students in the program are encouraged to apply the concepts they learn to the real world, which makes the program more tangible and relatable to their own lives.


  • Smaller classes in the IB Primary Years Programme mean that more attention is given to each student. The IB Programme dedicates a more individualized approach to learning, which for young children means getting a more comprehensive and supportive education. IB Primary Years Programme teachers are able to give each student support that is tailored to their own educational needs, which makes the learning material easier to understand and more approachable for students with different learning styles. The IB Primary Years Programme reduced class size and individualized approach makes the students’ education a more personal experience, which enables students to bond with teachers more and better trust them and for teachers to better understand and get to know their students more. The smaller group size ensures that each and every student is given the chance to participate and make the most of their learning experience.

  • The IB Primary Years Programme students learn important interpersonal skills and life skills. Unlike most academically rigorous programs, the IB Primary Years Programme prioritizes the importance of incorporating and teaching students life skills and interpersonal skills along with academics. Students are encouraged to learn interpersonal skills, self-management and strong communication skills, which equips them with lifelong skills that become second nature to them. They are also encouraged to be more open-minded and tolerant of diversity and to aspire to creating a better world. This attention to global scholarship and open-mindedness acknowledges the long-term benefits of teaching the young students’ life skills and ethical decision making.

  • Students in the IB Primary Years Programme are well prepared in advance for higher grades. The non-academic life and interpersonal skills that IB Primary Years Programme students learn go hand in hand with an advanced academic curriculum to prepare them for higher grades in secondary education and beyond. The program provides a solid base and starts the students’ educational journey while fostering a sense of independence and responsibility to prepare them for what’s to come in the years ahead.

  • Students are encouraged to be curious and confident and to ask questions. IB Primary Years Programme students are also taught in a very supportive, intimate environment where they are encouraged to ask questions and be confident in their own skills and abilities. Most academic programs ignore teaching students how to think critically and instead focus simply on teaching the material alone. But students in the IB Primary Years Programme are encouraged to ask questions, which makes them more likely to seek out answers and develop creative solutions to problems. This growth and development encourages students to adhere to a more consistent work ethic and fosters a desire and enthusiasm to learn.



A crucial part of the IB Programme is focusing on the how of learning. Students are taught how to learn by using organizational skills, critical thinking skills, cooperation and research, which lays a strong foundation for the rest of the student’s academic and work career. The program familiarizes students with helpful learning habits that students usually don’t hone until secondary school or later. Encouraging excellent study and learning skills from a young age is a valuable part of the program.