Why Trademark Registration is Beneficial for your Company ?


Whenever you pick up a product, you recognize it by a logo or a label, implying that a certain organization or company has produced the product. That expression is a trademark. In other words, trademark or ‘service marks’ are particular signs that help people recognize a brand. Since it is a unique element of a business its registration is significantly vital. So, how does trademark registration India help businesses?


The primary pointers…


Whenever you open a business, to protect it from identity theft or misinterpretation, registration of trademark becomes important because: 


  • Prevents confusion 

Having a registered trademark gives you a public ownership claim of your product. These laws of virtual marketing give you sole ownership and right over the registered product. 


  • Helps you to build and unique brand

When you have a registered trademark No other company or organization can use it for their purpose. This helps to make your product unique which customers can easily find through a source. Trademarks generate more reach and higher traffic on your business website. 


  • Trademarks are infinite. 

Once registered, a trademark stays forever. After the registration expires you can easily renew it endless times, for retrieving your legal rights. It also gives you an extended competitive market advantage, that would help you to gradually expand your business and provide customer value. 


  • They are priceless assets 

Trademarks are as valuable as property and can be pledged as a license for lease or a mortgage. The value of a trademark increases as your business grows so that you can buy and sell them to make additional money. 


  • Trademarks have legal advantages

If you want to forbid others from using your business name or the logo, you must have your trademark registered. It not only gives you certain rights but also works as legal evidence. People put more faith in your brand when it is supported legally.  


Now that you know the benefits of trademark registration, you must also remember that it is impossible until unless the company is registered. Learn how to register a company in India?


Company registration in India 

Our company is not operational until and unless it is registered. Registering a company has a plethora of benefits; thus, you should know how it is done. 


Step 1: choose a business structure

The Indian Government and the Companies Act in India allow four major business structures. The sole proprietorship, private and public limited company, partnership, and trust business structures play a major role in registration. 


Step 2: Hire a CA/lawyer 

The next step for registration would be to hire a lawyer or chartered accountant if you are unwilling to register the company by yourself. There are several online agencies and municipal localities too that help you with registration. Also, there are several online tutorials on how to register a company in India.



Since every company is a unique initiative, it needs protection from being subjected to illegalities. Thus, acquiring knowledge on trademark registration, India would shield your business from competitors.