Why You Need a Car Park Shade Sail for Your Parking Area

Gone is the epoch when customers opted for shade sail instalment as a form of luxury. With the ozone layer depletion and dangerous ultra-violet and infra-red rays’ exposure, installing a shade sail has become a necessity.

In fact, the modern-day shade sails have a multitude of usages. With that said, they are extremely useful for protecting specific areas of residential and commercial spaces. The most popular applications are school shade sails, customised residential shades, pool shade sails, and vehicle parking shade structures.

Why Install a Shade Sail in a Parking Lot?

Despite having been considered as an asset, vehicles are still depreciated! So, this means that after a few years, the value gets decreased. On average, a car’s longevity ranges from 5 to 10 years. Nonetheless, one can even practice some preventive measures to protect your vehicle for a longer timespan!

The best way to give your vehicle adequate protection is particularly by keeping it away from the dangerous ultra-violet rays. Here’s where the installation of car park sun shades comes into the forefront. The following are the advantages of it.

#1 Protects Vehicles against Crucial Weather Conditions

It’s predominant to keep the vehicles in the shade. It ensures that the paint works from getting eroded. The shade structure is a preventive method for vehicles and keeps them away from harsh weather conditions. Even during rain, hail, wind, and ultraviolet rays, your car will stay protected. Installing a parking shade protects the cars even from birds and insects. Thereby, it eliminates the need to wash intimidating bird poops off the vehicle continuously.

#2 Saving Energy

Protecting a shade for your car will keep the engine cool. All in all, this means less energy usage for cooling it down when it’s inside. If the vehicle gets installed in a parking lot that doesn’t have a shade, the chances are high that the paint may fade away.

#3 Additional Securities

The car shade structure not only provides external and internal protection for the car but it offers a safe environment. Thus, it helps in deterring thefts. The chances of car theft issues are lesser when a car is inside a designated parking structure with a shade. Much to customers’ knowledge, it simplifies the use of the shade in conjunction with the anti-theft equipment, including movement lights, alarms, and cameras.

#4 Customising According to Consumer’s Demands

One can customise the car parking shade to a smaller residential parking space or even a larger corporation.  Shade structures are available in an array of shapes to boost a modern or classic design.

#5 Enhances Architectural Aesthetics or Branding of the Car

Making the residential or commercial space more aesthetically pleasing and interesting is seamless with the installation of shade sails. In such applications, shades not only serve practical use but also beautify the vehicle’s appearance. In fact, shade fabric and frameworks come in various colours to support a car’s brand’s identity.

#6 Compliant with the Accreditation Standards

For head starts, public agencies, and childcare centres, accreditation standards need a square footage amount. This is for getting shaded either through the artificial shade or naturally through the trees. If you can’t opt for natural shade installation in your location, you can opt for a shade structure (take the hip end shade, for instance). And it would not be an exaggeration to state that these shades can meet the accreditation standards.

An Endnote

When your vehicle gets exposed to UV rays, not only does it lose the gloss, but some parts may get damaged too. In such circumstances, Sun Shade DXB is where you need to bring your confusions in. Before we start with our installation method, our team arrives at your location and inspects the place minutely.

We promise to give you the best experience with our sun shade installation to protect your car from external damages and UV rays. If you’re planning to install a sunshade in your commercial or residential parking lot, don’t hesitate to contact us today.