Why You Should Consider Installing Condensing Boilers in Your Property?

Condensing boilers could be the best component to provide homeowners with a highly efficient and effective way of heating. It uses the latest technology to save more energy and offer more heat to ensure value for money. If you often heat your home with a boiler and radiators, then it is best to invest in a modern condensing boiler to gain efficient results.

The major difference between condensing and non-condensing boiler lies in their efficiency. And these modern boilers are up to 99% efficient, save a significant amount on your gas bill, and reduce your household emissions. You don’t require piping, mixing valves, pumps, and other components to prevent boilers from cool return water, condensing boilers streamline hydronic loops and decline maintenance costs to a great extent.

Firstly, What is a Condensing Boiler?

A condensing boiler also called condensing hot water heater is a kind of boiler that’s very efficient in comparison to a traditional type appliance with significantly lower fuel and running costs. While the non-condensing boiler is only 50-70% efficient, condensing boilers enjoy up to 90% of efficiency.

How does a Modern Condensing Boiler Work?

The main function of a condensing boiler is its capability to recycle the heat it produces. All boilers consist of a primary heat exchanger to heat the water that passes through radiators and taps.

As it does its job, the warm air condenses and instead of being wasted, it is released via the flue, wherein the boiler recovers latent heat and then cools it back into a liquid formulation. This generated heat is then used to warm the cool water that comes back from your radiators.

Key Benefits of a Condensing Boiler

  • Low Carbon Footprint

If your old boiler needs a replacement, condensing boilers can be a worthwhile investment. It reduces carbon emissions and helps you save up to 1,200 kg of carbon a year in your home.

  • Energy Efficient

Condensing boilers are widely appreciated for their improved energy efficiency. A high level of efficiency is attained by using waste heat in the flue gas to preheat the cold water in the boiler, gaining more heat from outside and thus, capture more heat than non-condensing boilers.

  • Safe Option for Home

Since condensing boilers are sealed for heat insulation and get air directly from the outside of the room, there are no chances of anything get stuck into the boiler. Moreover, there is no risk of exposure to toxic substances as the condensed liquid is disposed of through a pipe. Also, they are more space-efficient as they do not require a water tank and can be simply stored in a kitchen cupboard.

Let Solarcraft Look Out for your Heating Solutions

Our experts will guide you through powerful condensing boilers, giving you a reliable choice when it comes to environment-friendly heating solutions and more efficient boilers. We will help you make the best use of the heat produced from burning fuels. Our modern condensing boilers will give you better energy efficiency than non-condensing boilers and you will sure to see a difference in your utility bills.