Why You Should Display Airbnb Reviews on Your Website

There are around 150 million people that use Airbnb around the world; guests have booked more than 900 million stays. So, now you know the impact of Airbnb, how about embedding the reviews on the website? In this blog, we will be discussing how displaying Airbnb on the website can help your cause in the business.

It might draw your attention that people don’t trust businesses with a lower than a 4-star rating. Hence it is not only important to get positive reviews, but at the same time, you must showcase these reviews to consumers to help in their buying decision. 

With so many websites and platforms on the internet, it might mislead your potential customers to look for the reviews and decide based on unauthorized websites or spam reviews. And this is where the embedded Airbnb reviews jump in. You can use many tools such as social media aggregators – they ease your embedding process and provide various other features which add more significance to this strategy. 

You can easily find these tools on the internet, and as these tools are easy to use, you can operate them like a pro. Some amazing benefits of embedding Airbnb reviews on the website might convince you to adopt this strategy.

So without any further ado, let’s dive into it. 

Benefits of embedding Airbnb reviews on the website 

Airbnb is one of the major review platforms dedicated primarily to homestays for vacation rentals. People often consider using Airbnb while making their traveling plans as it provides great options for people to stay while traveling. And to finally make their decision, people prefer reading Airbnb reviews to know about the place. So by embedding them on the website, you provide great help to businesses and as consumers. It helps businesses in the following ways :

Builds credibility to your business

There are enough stats and proof on the internet to prove that reviews matter for both businesses and customers. The reviews help the businesses to build credibility and hence attain more sales. As reviews also act as a measure to know the brand’s reputation and prevent people from falling prey to any false claim to fake organizations.

By embedding reviews on the website, you provide your visitors assurance about your existence and build the credibility of a business. It eventually helps your consumers in their purchase decisions.

Provides a sneak into your authentic review handle 

There might be cases where there could be businesses that have names that resemble your business. And it can mislead the consumers and therefore hamper the reputation of your business. However, with the embedded reviews, your consumers can get to read reviews related to your business. And eventually, make their purchase decisions. And as it provides a sneak into your Airbnb review handle, so if someone is willing to post the reviews, he can post the reviews on your account only.

Creates a review cycle

A consumer feels valued when a business considers their feedback and displays them on the website. It encourages other consumers as well to post reviews for your business. Moreover, people tend to follow what other people are doing, and hence by reading the reviews on your website can interest them to post reviews.

And we all know as there will be more reviews, it will be more beneficial for the business, as it establishes the brand’s credibility and helps in increasing brand recognition.

Increases brand reputation

Reputation is one of the key elements for any business to attain sales. People usually prefer businesses with a good reputation, and hence it is very important to maintain the reputation. The embedding process helps to gain reputation in two ways.

Firstly, by showcasing positive reviews, you can create a positive impression on your visitors and increase the market reputation.

Secondly, even if you have negative reviews and you showcase them, it shows that your brand is transparent and does not hide anything from their customers/potential customers. And also considers the feedback from your past customer and, in fact, features them. 

So it helps in enhancing your brand reputation. Another hidden benefit is that when you feature feedback from your customer, it builds a strong relationship. Eventually, it can help you to turn your customer into a loyal customer. And there can chances that loyal customers also contribute in increasing user base through mouth publicity.

Holds visitors on the website

One amazing benefit of embedding reviews on the website is that it holds visitors to your website. So there can be chances that a potential customer searches for your business, and by reading the reviews, they might end up discovering other businesses. 

Moreover, social media aggregator tools also help you moderate the reviews, and hence you can hide the reviews that mention any other related business. So with this, you can hold the visitor on your website and increase your chance of converting that visitor into your customer.

The Ending note

Reviews are vital for the business, and as they hold high relevance, it is also important to showcase them so that more people read the review and make their decisions. And the best way to do this is by embedding reviews on the website. You can use social media aggregator tools for that purpose and enjoy great traffic and benefits on your website.