Why You Should use Recycled Pallets

Owing to their budget effectiveness, design possibilities, and accessibility, reused pallets are among the greatest packaging systems available. Some businesses believe they must purchase new pallets. However, as more facilities learn about and use reused pallets, many are updating their stocks to accommodate them. Recycled pallets are produced and restored from recycled materials, but they are available in a variety of quality ratings and perform similarly to new pallets. Contact us to learn further about our nationwide reused pallet service and how it can benefit your business. The following are some of the most significant advantages of recycled pallets:

Efficiency in terms of cost

New pallets are attractive and functional, but they are more expensive. The cost of new pallets adds up fast, particularly in high plants, and can have a significant influence on the bottom line. Fortunately, used pallets can save you up to 60% on new pallets while maintaining the same weight capacity!

In a timber market that has seen supply constraints and demand spikes, the cost of new wood has a greater influence on pallet makers and their customers than it has in the past. New pallets might now price nearly twice as much as they did in the past, and these costs are variable. Recycled pallets only save money, but can also decrease price swings and help facilities better estimate prices.

Recycled Pallets
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Design Alternatives

Pallets made from recycled wood are offered in the same design options as new hardwood pallets. Reusable pallets may be adapted to match practically any purpose and warehouse setting because of their versatility. Almost any aspect of a recycled pallet can be customized to meet your specific needs, from deck board numbers and space to forklift access style.

Many prospective reused pallet users are concerned that they may fail more frequently than new pallets and also that the quality would be inconsistent. This is not the situation, however. Pallet manufacturers provide quality grading and stringent quality controls for every pallet, ensuring that you receive precisely what you ordered.

Grading systems ensures that each pallet is assigned a grade that accurately reflects its aesthetic qualities as well as the type and number of modifications performed. Furthermore, with quality control, each recovered pallet is assured to perform as well as new pallets, and that quality will be uniform across a stock.

If you enjoy the notion of recycling pallets but want new pallets for other reasons, they can also be found in combined varieties, giving you even more alternatives. To save money, combo pallets combine new and old materials, although they have more precise proportions than totally recycled pallets. Even customized pallets, which are made expressly for your needs, can be made with recycled materials to save money.


New pallets might not always be easily accessible, owing in part to the present surge in lumber prices. Refurbished pallets help to overcome this problem because they are made from existing stock and do not require the use of raw resources. The great majority of newly purchased pallets are mended and repurposed as recycled pallets. This means that there are so many more reused pallets on the marketplace than virgin pallets at any given time, providing recycled pallets a considerably wider availability. High-volume operations are aware of the challenges that brand-new pallet stocks can provide.