Window Covering Innovations in Roller Shades

There are new collections of solar and roller shades for this summer – solar shades, light filtering roller shades and blackout roller blinds. These window coverings come in varied colors, options and features and are also quite affordable. They offer a modern, sleek twist to classic home décor. The best collection of roller shades come in diverse styles like solar screens, blackout and light filtering. Therefore, one can get a shade suiting their specific needs for light control.

Each variety of shades are available in more than 70 beautiful patterns, textures and colors. There are trendy patterns, bold solids and earthy neutrals. The patterns and colors have exciting combinations that easily harmonize with any home’s style. The best roller shades look good with decorative patterns and colors when they are open.

Lifting the Shades

People often like to close and open their shades depending on the time of day. This is where your lifting options come into play. There is a standard cord loop lifting system that can be made with stainless steel or the plastic of your choice. You can also choose a geared clutch which is the ideal choice for wide window shades. Have pets or kids at home? Cordless lifting is the right choice fo you. These shades can be opened and closed by just tugging on the bottom of their fabric.

A more modern and sleek choice is available. This option features a motorized lift system operated by battery. By just pressing a button on your smart device or remote control, you can lower or raise the shades of an entire room. Motorization really makes operation of shades hassle free.

Beautifying the Shades

To elevate the look of your shades, you can add decorative valances while hiding their brackets, mechanisms and rolls in a fashionable way. You can pick aluminum, black or white colored valances. In blackout shades, the fabric is always narrower than the actual measurement of the windows so you will need to use light blockers for absolute light control.

These are some of the best ways to use roller shades for your home.