World Lion Day 2016

World Lion Day 2016

The tenth of August marked 2016’s World Lion Day (or #WorldLionDay according to social media), a day celebrating and appreciating the king of the savannah. It’s also a day to remember and to be aware of the current events that are happening in wildlife, reminding us of the progressing numbers of the Asiatic lion, the tools being used to tackle the now bared canned lion hunting and even more. andoverleader

And here on Infinity House, we’re here to talk about some facts that surround the world of the lion today, and how their impact in society is enough proof to persuade us into working harder in making sure that we conserve these species and give them the respect that they deserve.

The Lion, European Icon

All throughout history, lions have been associated worldwide as symbols of strength, personification of power and metaphors for religious figures. Even today, tourists and natives alike can witness and revere statues and monuments built after these animals all around their cities.

Le Lion de Belfort

Landseer’s Lion

Medici Lion

London has Landeer’s four lions, Paris has le Lion de Belfort and Rome has the Medici lion.

London is the Land of the Lions

March of 2016 saw the opening of London Zoo’s newest exhibit Land of the Lions, which also marked the return of the lions back to the zoo after being staple residents for two hundred years.

Instead of featuring the more famous African lion, the Zoological Society of London or the ZSL decided to magnify the culture and current events that surround the Asiatic lion, from their close encounter to extinction to their newfound friendship with the citizens of Gujarat, India. This is to inform people of the kind of things that happen, has happened and will happen to this exotic and ethereal predator.

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