Write about the academy of Mohammad Haris Nalapad.

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Details explanation about the Nalapad Academy.

The chairman of the Nalapad academy is Dr. N.A. Mohammad aspired to create the world-class educational institutions. His son Mr. Mohammad Haris Nalapad mutating their vision into reality by founding this academy.

The main aim of this academy is imparting a great quality education and holistic learning experience according to the international curriculum and immersive co-curricular activities for all the students.


Why do you choose the Nalapad academy for your children?


  • With the help of the Nalapad Academy, your child will save one full year of the child’s academic year.
  • An average time maximum of 3 hours your child will spend the time in traveling to the school on a daily basis which is equal to the 660 hours in a year that is almost more than the one full academic year.

This is an important reason to choose the nalapad academy.

What are the features of the Nalapad academy?

The features are given by Mohammad Haris Nalapad for the Nalapad academy are given by,

  • Centrally located
  • Apple smart classrooms
  • Co-curricular academics
  • Well balanced meal
  • State of the art swimming pool
  • World-class turf
  • International curriculum
  • Infirmary and health care center

These are the important features of the nalapad academy.

What are the details about the academics of the Nalapad academy?

Nalapad Test:

  • The younger years of the children are one of the most crucial roles in the child’s personality and foremost experience from the perceptions of the outer world. It is one of the foundation group for your future achievers.
  • The motto names as “Nurturing Hope” it is the strongest partnership between the parent, facilitator, and the child. This is one of the safe, secure, and multi-sensorial preschool environment which helps to the children for building the experience and develop the essential skills such as social skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

The facilitators of this academy are hands-on the teaching strategies and enabling an environment.

Primary schools:

  • The curriculum of the academy is specially designed as 112 learning objectives, 26 subsets, and 7 learning domains which help to prepare the students for readiness.
  • The academy also makes the student as the uniqueness of the every child, construct their knowledge, improving their skills through the blooms taxonomy, intelligence learning and teaching methods.
  • The classroom structure is designed to facilitate innovative teaching-learning methods like project based learning, interactive, and thematic approach of learning.

Lower and upper secondary schools:

The program for this section is designed as contemporary, continuously involving and preparing the students to enter the high school with more confidence. The students of the academy are taught under the international curriculum.

The features are the flipped classrooms system, the children are encouraged to complete their course works in schools, and they will review the upcoming classes via audio, written exercises, and videos.

The building qualities of the students are leadership, team bonding, cross timing, and timely performance. The classes of the academy which involve the audiovisual presentation, debates, and group discussions.

Start your children’s education with the Nalapad Academy and make benefit from it!!