You Don’t Want to Miss Out On These Top 9 Best IO Games

Many people are locked at home with nothing to do and a completely new daily routine as a result of the global lockdown and quarantine restrictions. Being stranded at home may become tedious, especially if you believe you’ve done everything there is to do within the limits of your home.

But consider this: there could be a few more things you haven’t tried yet. For starters, playing online games can be a great way to pass the time. Indian Oceans games, sometimes known as IO Games, are a popular genre that has grown in popularity over the years.

They’re simple and straightforward to play, and they usually follow the same set of rules and gameplay. You only need a compatible device and an internet connection to get started. We’ve compiled a personalized list of some of the top IO Games available in this article. is the first on our list. It’s a game in which you must select your preferred weapon and armor, which you will then employ to eliminate the other players. You must carefully consider which weapon to employ, as each has its unique set of benefits and drawbacks. is currently one of the most popular IO games, and has been for several years. It’s a multiplayer online action game in which you take control of one or more cells on the map. Your main goal is to devour circles that are smaller than your cell in order to grow larger and eventually control the entire area.

If you prefer simple games with 3D visuals, will be right up your alley. Each player controls a robot and engages in combat with the other. To win the battle, fight off the other players and grab their abilities.

If you’re familiar with IO games, is a game you’ve probably heard about. It’s also a popular title in this genre, and it’s available on both iOS and Android devices. You play as a little snake that slithers throughout the map, eating various small creatures. The snake will eventually grow to the point that it can eat other players. has been gaining in popularity recently, especially since more and more buddy groups are using platforms like Discord to spend time together. This is an excellent game to play with friends because you must draw a picture of a specific word and the other players must guess what it is.

Fans of zombies, rejoice! This is a game that you will undoubtedly appreciate. In, you must build a powerful base to protect yourself and your horde from oncoming zombies. The zombies will get stronger and larger with each wave that passes. is a brutal game in which you must crush other players with sharp, spinning balls of doom, as the name suggests. You’ll start the game with a little ball each, but as you eat your way around the map, your death ball will grow in size. is a great online game to play if you appreciate these types of games. It’s a fantastic IO game that you won’t want to miss, especially because it’s so different from the rest. In, you take control of a plane and use it to shoot down other players’ planes. Of course, the goal is to win the game, so shoot as many players as possible.

Finally, we recommend, an IO game that can be played on any online browser as well as on Android and iOS devices. This is more of a shooting game in which you control a tank and shoot at other players for points.


When you’re bored, open your preferred web browser and navigate to your preferred IO game from the list above. All of the games we’ve mentioned are highly recommended, so take a look at them all and see which one you prefer. Above all, remember to have fun!