Things to Know Beforehand About Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation procedure is one of the most common plastic surgery types worldwide. For any motive, you also look forward to pursuing it. If it’s your first time, you may have questions about what to encounter before, during, and after this surgery. However, you should have nothing to worry about. The following guidelines equip you with basic knowledge before opting for breast augmentation. Keep reading for more.

What’s Breast Augmentation Procedure?

First, understand what you’re about to submit yourself to before taking its due course. Breast augmentation, also called breast mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure aiming to increase breast size. It generally involves setting breast tissues under the chest muscles or breast tissues to make them look bigger.

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure to boost the confidence and esteem of most women. Others, however, seek it out for reconstructive purposes. Either way, hire experienced doctors or surgeons like Joel Aronowitz for optimal results and experiences. These experts have plenty of experience, assuring you of a safe procedure and after-care assessments.

Breast Augmentation Has Risks and Complications

In the hands of a qualified surgeon, breast augmentation is a safe surgical procedure. And, like any other surgical operation, it has its attached risks. These risks include breast pains, changes in nipple sensation, infections, implant leakage, or rupture. However, if you follow the doctor’s instructions carefully, you minimize and keep these risks minimal.

You’ll Need Enough Time for Recovery

Although different people recover at different rates, most patients recover within 4 to 6 weeks after breast augmentation. This timeline, however, may differ depending on factors such as age, patient genetics, general health, and if you stick to the doctor’s dos and don’ts. For instance, following a healthy diet will accelerate your full recovery. Also, it’s recommendable to notify your surgeon of any unusual observable changes in the surgery area if need be.

Breast Augmentation Can Be Cosmetic or Reconstructive

There are several reasons why people seek breast augmentation procedures. It can be either for beauty or reconstructive reasons after severe medical conditions or defects. Once you understand the purpose of the surgery you’re about to partake in, you set your expectations based on them. Therefore, lay down pragmatic expectations and then work towards achieving the desires of your heart.

When Best Is Breast Reconstruction?

Many instances call for breast augmentation. One, it’ll help you enhance your appearance if you have uneven breasts. It’s also a solution to adjusting breasts after a significant weight loss or pregnancy. Further, breast augmentation is the best option for reconstruction after sustaining injuries after an accident.

You Have to Limit Physically-Draining Activities

Often, limiting exhausting jobs that may interfere with your recovery is one of the doctor’s instructions. In the follow-up care, you must minimize involving yourself with activities that strain your upper body, such as running, doing strenuous jobs, walking, cooking, etc. At this time, you need more rest than work.

For first-timers, breast augmentation sounds like rocket science. However, the above guidelines enable you on what you will encounter in the entire procedure and recovery. It’s also good to note that the breast augmentation procedure works magic if you match your expectations to practical results.

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