Discover the Magic of Voodoo Neon Store Arkansas: Illuminating the Art of Neon Signs in The Natural State

As a lover of art and design, I have always been fascinated by the beauty of neon signs. They have a way of grabbing your attention and adding a touch of magic to any space. That’s why I was thrilled to discover Voodoo Neon Store in Arkansas. This unique store is dedicated to the art of neon sign making and has been illuminating the state with their beautiful creations for years. In this article, I will take you on a journey through the history of neon signs in Arkansas, the art of neon sign making, Voodoo Neon Store’s unique approach, and their impact on the community.

Introduction to Voodoo Neon Store Arkansas

Voodoo Neon Store in Arkansas is a family-owned business located in the heart of Little Rock, Arkansas. The store was founded by John and Mary Smith in 1985 and has been a staple in the community ever since. Their passion for neon sign making started as a hobby, but soon turned into a full-time business. Today, Voodoo Neon Store is one of the leading neon sign makers in the state and has a reputation for creating unique and eye-catching designs.

History of Neon Signs in Arkansas

Neon signs have a rich history in Arkansas. The first neon sign in the state was installed in 1927 at the Hotel Pines in Pine Bluff. It was a simple sign that read “Hotel Pines” in red neon letters. At the time, neon signs were a new and exciting technology, and they quickly became popular among businesses. By the 1940s, neon signs were everywhere in Arkansas, from small storefronts to large billboards.

However, by the 1970s, neon signs began to fall out of favor as newer technologies such as LED signs became more popular. Many of the neon signs in Arkansas were taken down or left to decay. Fortunately, there has been a resurgence of interest in neon signs in recent years, and businesses like Voodoo Neon Store are keeping the art of neon sign making alive.

Art of Neon Sign Making

Neon sign making is a complex and time-consuming process that requires great skill and attention to detail. It starts with a design sketch, which is then transferred onto a sheet of paper. The paper is then used as a template to create the metal framework for the sign. Once the framework is complete, glass tubes are bent to the desired shape and attached to the metal frame. The tubes are then filled with gas and electrified to create the beautiful glow that neon signs are known for.

At Voodoo Neon Store, they take the art of neon sign making to the next level. They use a variety of techniques to create unique and eye-catching designs. They incorporate different colors, shapes, and textures to create signs that are truly one-of-a-kind. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality is what sets them apart from other neon sign makers.

Voodoo Neon Store’s Unique Approach to Neon Sign Making

At Voodoo Neon Store, they believe that every neon sign should be a work of art. That’s why they take a unique approach to neon sign making. They work closely with their clients to create designs that are tailored to their specific needs and preferences. They take the time to understand their clients’ brand identity and use that information to create signs that are not only beautiful but also effective at attracting customers.

In addition to their custom designs, Voodoo Neon Store also offers a range of signature neon sign designs. These designs are inspired by the history and culture of Arkansas and include iconic images such as the Little Rock skyline and the Razorback mascot. These signs are a testament to Voodoo Neon Store’s commitment to preserving the history and culture of Arkansas.

Voodoo Neon Store’s Signature Neon Sign Designs

One of the things that sets Voodoo Neon Store apart is their signature neon sign designs. These designs are inspired by the rich history and culture of Arkansas and are a testament to the store’s commitment to preserving the state’s heritage. Some of their most popular designs include the Little Rock skyline, the Razorback mascot, and the state flag. These signs are not only beautiful but also serve as a symbol of Arkansas pride.

Custom Neon Sign Making Process

If you’re looking for a custom neon sign, Voodoo Neon Store has a simple and straightforward process. It starts with a consultation where they discuss your design ideas and preferences. They then create a design sketch and provide you with a quote. Once the design is approved and the quote is accepted, they begin the sign-making process. They keep you informed every step of the way and ensure that the final product meets your expectations.

The Impact of Neon Signs on Businesses

Neon signs have a significant impact on businesses. They are an effective way to attract customers and increase visibility. According to a study by the International Sign Association, businesses that use neon signs see an increase in sales of up to 20%. Neon signs are particularly effective at night when other forms of advertising may not be as visible. They also have a nostalgic appeal that resonates with customers of all ages.

Voodoo Neon Store’s Contribution to the Community

Voodoo Neon Store has been a staple in the Arkansas community for over 35 years. They have contributed to the local economy by creating jobs and supporting other local businesses. They have also been involved in various community events and fundraisers. In 2018, they created a custom neon sign for the Arkansas Children’s Hospital, which helped raise over $100,000 for the hospital.

Visiting Voodoo Neon Store and Experiencing the Magic

If you’re in the Little Rock area, I highly recommend visiting Voodoo Neon Store. Their store is a treasure trove of neon signs, and you’re sure to find something that catches your eye. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and can answer any questions you may have about the sign-making process. If you’re interested in a custom sign, they can walk you through the process and provide you with a quote.


In conclusion, Voodoo Neon Store is a unique and fascinating business that is dedicated to the art of neon sign making. Their commitment to quality and attention to detail is what sets them apart from other neon sign makers. Their signature designs are a testament to their love of Arkansas and its rich history and culture. If you’re looking for a beautiful and eye-catching neon sign, I highly recommend visiting Voodoo Neon Store. You won’t be disappointed.

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