Guide for Mainland Company Formation in Dubai

Dubai Mainland is one of the best choices for those setting up their business in Dubai. The UAE is a business and investment hub that attracts everyone with a dream to start a business. The connectivity, strategic location, and ever-growing opportunities make Dubai one of the best choices. The businesses being set up and formed in Dubai are increasing manifold with technological advancements and connectivity. Entrepreneurs are getting successful and are benefiting from their business on the mainland. 

To get started with your business setup in Dubai, you need to complete the below-mentioned procedures and get your license. You can also take help from a business setup expert such as RadiantBiz for your mainland company setup. Read on to know more about the company setup process for setting up your business in Dubai Mainland.

Why should you set up your business in the Dubai Mainland?

There are many benefits for setting up your business in Dubai Mainland. These are as follows- 

  • Strategic location 
  • No restrictions for boundaries
  • 100% repatriation
  • Good networking opportunities
  • Ever growing market
  • Tax benefits 
  • 100% ownership in Dubai mainland 
  • Permission to do business with the UAE government
  • A wider options for business activities
  • Number of legal entities to choose from

What are the documents that you need to submit in order to get my Mainland business license?

There are a number of documents that need to be submitted. A list of the same are mentioned below-

  • Passport photocopies of all the shareholders
  • Passport size pictures
  • EJARI registration 
  • No objection certificate from partners
  • Duly filled forms
  • DED approvals 

What are the steps that you need to follow for obtaining a mainland business license?

There are certain steps that you need to follow in order to get your mainland company set up license. The steps are as mentioned below- 

  • Choose your business activity- The zone in which you can conduct business depends on the activity for your company. The activity you choose for your business determines what services and products you can legally offer through it. It also determines the kind of license you will need for your company. Choose your business’s legal entity as well as its activity so that you can submit the appropriate licensing application to the appropriate authorities.
  • Select your trade name- Pick a trading name carefully. Make sure you abide by all guidelines and requirements for the business’s name. Make sure the name is available and pertinent to your business and line of work. The name shouldn’t be an acronym or have any associations with well-known corporations, names, or brands. Additionally, the name shouldn’t refer to god. It should also not mention anything otherwise unpleasant in other languages.
  • Select the legal entity of your business- The legal entity of your business decides on the laws you need to follow as well as the area where you can function. It also decides the fees and taxes that you are supposed to pay for your business license.
  • Apply for your business license-  Obtain your business license by submitting an application. The license is based on the business activity you have chosen. With the approval of the relevant free zone authorities—in this case, DED— you can get this done. Along with the completed form, the required documentation must be submitted, and the license fee must be paid. The license will be issued and the business owner will be authorized to operate once the necessary approvals have been given. With the license, you can also apply for a visa on behalf of your staff and family.
  • Choose your office location- Choose the location for your company. Any firm must choose its office space carefully. The amount of employees that a place can hold is determined by that space. To make the firm appear professional, the office setting is crucial. After weighing the advantages and disadvantages of the potential location, you should choose the commercial space. This might be a typical office or a flexible desk. You might also choose an e-working place, which is currently very popular in the UAE. Choose the area taking into account your needs and budget.
  • Obtain the necessary approvals, register, and obtain your license- This is the first and most important stage. Once all pre approvals and permissions have been completed, you can register your business and obtain a license. You can begin setting up your business once you get your license.
  • Open a corporate bank account for your business- Establish a bank account for your company at the bank of your choice. You have a choice between a branch of a foreign bank or a local bank. To get started, submit the needed paperwork and open a bank account.

Can an expat own 100% of the business in Dubai Mainland?

After the recent amendments made, an ex-pat can also own 100% of a business setup in Dubai Mainland. It is essential to note that earlier only 49% of the business could have been owned by an ex-pat and a UAE local had to sponsor the remaining 51%. This change was made to make the UAE a preferred location for entrepreneurs to get their businesses set up.

How can RadiantBiz help you with your business setup in the UAE?

One of the finest possibilities for an entrepreneur is to set up a business in Dubai Mainland. The advantages of business setup in Dubai mainland are substantial, making it the perfect location for business growth. To begin, it’s crucial to make sure that each step is taken exactly as it should be in order to receive approval for company setup. Setting up a business here ensures that there are no restrictions posed on the business’ trade.

With our years of experience, we at RadiantBiz are ready to assist you in establishing your company in the Dubai Mainland. Our professionals evaluate your demands and preferences while taking into account the many elements necessary for the setup of your organization. With the proper assistance from our professionals, you may launch your business straight away. To get started, make an appointment with RadiantBiz now.

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