Importance of Clinical Labs in the Medical Field

After the 2020 pandemic, our perspective has changed drastically, thanks to Covid-19. In hindsight, this pandemic highlighted many shortcomings of society. One of them is the scarcity of clinical labs in the city. With the exposure to this issue through working in the nursing assignment writing service, let us discuss the Importance of clinical labs in the medical field.

Our country cannot identify diseases rapidly, resulting in many deaths. We are forced to realize this time and again. The protocol to open a clinical lab has been overly complicated hindering progress in the field. 

Laboratory medicine is a vital part of public health. Diagnostic testing is an important part of the process. Laboratory medicine has always focused on providing significant and accurate results for risk assessment, disease diagnosis, follow-up, and monitoring patient care. In the case of any disease, the identification, diagnosis, and treatment are heavily reliant on laboratory results. They provide data about the contagion and allow us to develop appropriate countermeasures. Approximately 60% to 70% of clinical decisions are based primarily on the results of these tests, according to 2015 statistics. These results enable healthcare providers to assess disease risk early. They can determine preventive or minimally invasive treatments, select and monitor appropriate treatments, and track the natural history of the disease.

Sadly, so many countries lack quality laboratories and laboratory specialists. Professional guidance and supervision are lacking in clinical laboratories without quality. Consequently, test quality is poor, tests are misused, and results are misinterpreted. Additionally, 80% of suspected malaria cases are treated without verifying laboratory results, according to the WHO.

How do lab tests work?

The purpose of test acquisition has a lot to do with the selection of diagnostic tests and their interpretation. As a result, some tests are conducted manually, but most tests are conducted with technologically advanced equipment. 

  • Objective #1: Conducting a Diagnosis
  • The laboratory tests can have two basic diagnostic uses:
  • When you want to deny the disease’s presence.
  • When you want to confirm its existence.
  • A closer look at these objectives will help identify the test characteristics required for each diagnostic application. 

Objective # 2: Monitoring Therapy after the Diagnosis

Whenever the test is repeated, it is used for surveillance purposes to track treatment drug levels or monitor side effects. Ultimately, reliability and accuracy are the salient operating characteristics for surveillance purposes.

Objective # 3: Diagnostic Tests for Screening

Diagnostic tests are conducted for screening to detect disease before the earliest symptoms. In the case of early detection, it is considered less widespread and easier to treat and cure. The combined characteristics of a typical ideal diagnostic test give an ideal screening test. Unfortunately, we have to choose between a test with high sensitivity and a test with high specificity. Ultimately, there are no general rules to rely on. The choice depends on whether the patient will benefit from early detection of the disease along with the relative costs and risks of subsequent diagnostic evaluations.


The value of clinical laboratories as an integral part of the health care system, until now, has not been widely recognized in research through nursing assignment writing services. Over time, more and more physicians will be able to confirm diagnoses and help patients with treatment. 

Furthermore, apart from its acclaimed value to the individual patient, the role of the clinical laboratory is of public health importance for disease screening and monitoring. On a larger scale, program managers used considerably relevant tests as fill-ins for analyzing progress in various health programs

Hopefully, this will give us a clearer picture of the Importance of Clinical Labs in the Medical Field. The objective is to create awareness among people to understand Clinical Labs help society to respond efficiently to any harmful diseases.

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