Jumping Spiders -What Are They And How to Get Rid of Them?

Spiders can be annoying, and even seeing them crawling around your house can be a disturbing site to witness. It is common for usual spiders to be around your house, but did you know about jumping spiders? Yes, Jumping spiders actually exist. 

These spiders may look intimidating due to their large eyes and fast, unpredictable movements, these tiny creatures are actually relatively harmless and surprisingly fascinating. However, getting rid of them as much as the usual spiders is equally important. You can read the post ahead to learn more about jumping spiders and the precautionary measures to take to get rid of them. 

What are jumping spiders exactly?

These spiders can jump up to six times their body length – which is quite surprising height, considering they typically measure only 8-12mm long! Additionally,  jumping spiders do not rely on webs in order to catch food like many other spider species.  Instead, they actively hunt for prey using their keen vision and swift movements. 

Are these creatures dangerous to human health?

As much intimidating as they may appear, jumping spiders are not generally harmful to humans. What is more surprising is that they do not bite humans or cause any harm to their health. However, they can cause property damage, which can be a concern if you have plenty of them around your house or garden. 

Measures you can take to protect yourself from jumping spiders

Although we mentioned that jumping spiders may not pose harm, it is still crucial to get rid of them and ensure you are protected. Several measures can help in eliminating or preventing them. They are as follows: 

  • Clean out any nesting areas any insects may have created in your house or nearby. 
  • You can utilize DIY solutions like weather stripping and window screens so these spiders do not make their way to your house. 
  • Make sure your house is free from cluttered as messiness can lure them into your house. 
  • Practice good hygiene, especially near the food waste area. For instance, keep your kitchen clean all the time and make sure to throw away the waste as soon as possible. 

Your final step: Calling Pest Control service. 

Lastly, you can use insecticides to eliminate jumping spiders in your house or garden. However, since you are dealing with chemicals, they can be harmful if you do not take precautions. Therefore, we highly recommend seeking help from a professional who can assist you throughout the process. 

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