I recently came back from a business trip to Asia and I came across a lot of foreigners (Americans, British and Australians) who identify themselves as Passport Bros. 

After talking to some of them and asking questions, I understood what they meant when they spoke about this subject. 

Passport Bros are men, usually Western guys who travel to different countries to date, find a wife or a companion. Apparently these men are fed up with the dating scene in their own country that they literally “grab their passports” and they travel to Asia to find love. Their main destinations are Thailand and The Philippines, however some of them go even further away to countries like Cambodia, Vietnam and even to Colombia in South America. 

The women in these countries are very feminine, simple, genuine and serious about finding a soul mate. Western men don’t feel like the women in their own countries have the same values. We all know that a lot of women these days are very independent, are looking for wealthy guys and in many cases are very materialistic. That’s not the case in Asian countries. Women there still hold values and are looking to settle down and they love foreigners.

Finding love is definitely not easy these days and that’s why The Passport Bros phenomenon has begun. 

A website that speaks about this movement in detail is . 

This site has been developed by 2 American Passport Bros who speak about dating overseas with extreme accuracy. From my understanding, these 2 Passport Bros had many disappointments in dating in their own country that one day they simply packed their suitcases and started traveling overseas. They spilled all their knowledge and everything they have experienced as Passport Bros into this website. 

They even talk about working remotely or working locally in Thailand and in The Philippines which is very useful since not every Western guy would be able to move to Asia just with a finger snap. 

If you as a reader feel the same way about the dating life in the Western world, then I strongly suggest you check out this site. It’s very entertaining and full of true facts. 

Who knows…you might feel you belong to the Passport Bros yourself. 

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