Why Build An Uber Clone App Using React Native Technology

You find a taxi booking and rental business lucrative. Indeed it is a profitable business. Are you looking for ways to build an established business model like Uber? Well, your wait is over. You can start your on-demand car riding business as soon as in a week by developing a React native uber clone app for your business. Uber clone?? We explain the concept to you.

What Is React Native Uber Clone App?

Just like the original Uber app, the Uber clone app will have similar features and navigation and the layout of that original app but, a clone – a replica app is created using React Native technology.

React Native isn’t complex to use like the variety of technologies in the market. This simple technology is easier to learn and access, adding to easier development and rapid installation of apps.

Successful apps nowadays are built with React Native. The simple use of React Native is what makes it best for developing apps. Can you imagine Airbnb, and Instagram using React Native as one of their technologies? To develop an Uber-like App, you need the best technology in the market. React Native has certain specific benefits that can make your app thrive in the market.

Why Develop Uber Clone App On React Native Technology?

From the technology viewpoint, the Uber clone app when developed on React Native technology aids advantages that are below-mentioned:

Enhanced user-experience

It is one of the major benefits of using React Native for your Uber app. The front-end tools are designed rapidly that added to enhance the user experience of the app.


Compared to other technology stacks, developing your app on React Native can greatly save time. As it doesn’t require fresh coding, the developers can quickly develop your app in no time.

Increased Productivity

By using React Native technology, the mobile app developers have already access to the code of the Uber app. Thus, this greatly reduces the time in getting things right and correcting the errors that are common during app development. The technology saves time and enhances productivity by minimizing error and eliminating overall development time.

Accessibility to developers

Being an open-source platform, React Native can be a one-stop destination for a variety of developers looking to develop mobile applications. This easier accessibility adds to the popularity of the technology.

Simple technology

React Native is very simple to use and easy to learn as the technology provides access to the codes, making it convenient to develop the app. Additionally, it quickens the app development speed hence saving time for the developers.

Overall speaking, React Native is widely been used to develop on-demand apps today and not just Uber clone apps. Because of so many positive attributes that technology brings, it is one of the most preferred choices of development companies today.

The Uber Clone App Flow

The UBER clone app that you are creating on React Native technology will have the same workflow as that of the original.

It will look like this:

  • The user will book a rid
  • The app will look for a driver
  • The driver accepts the ride requests and picks up the user from the given location
  • The driver drives the user to the said destination
  • The driver pays the driver through the app from multiple payment options

Why Choose Uber Clone App For Your Business?

Uber app is already an established name globally. The app since long had a monopoly in the transportation business. If you are looking for a profit-making business model, the Uber clone app is what you should develop. It is one of the most profit-making businesses today that you can invest in and start growing from the day you launch.

Instead of going through an expensive app development process, it is the best idea to have developed the Uber Clone app. Since it is a readymade on-demand app built by a white-label mobile app company, it is developed at a fraction of the cost compared to developing the original one right from the scratch.

Partner it with an on-demand mobile app development company and ask them to provide you with a free live demo for the Uber clone app. Download this demo app on different devices to experience the performance and once you like the app, you can have them build one under your brand. You can customize the features and tweak the layout depending on your business requirement.

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