Web Design Guide for Businesses to Improve User Experience

Today, websites dominate our interaction with the Internet. There are over 200 million websites online right now, which is not surprising. Virtually every company, startup or enterprise would like to have a website that allows them to interact with their users.

When someone clicks on a website, the first thing they notice is its appearance, how it functions and how it caters for them. Web design is the process of ensuring that the website’s overall appearance and functionality are maintained. It also helps to promote the company’s message and provide a seamless user experience. As a website design company, we would like you to consider these elements when you decide to design a modern website for your business. 

1: Typography that is consistent and unique

Typography is the use of a font to display content. It is important to remember that the font must be simple, attractive, and distinctive. The font should be attractive enough to keep users interested and add a personal touch to the website.

It is a good idea to choose two or three fonts that compliment each other and are used throughout your design. This gives the website a cleaner look and helps it to be more organized. It is important to consider the size and color choices of fonts.

2: Hero image

A crucial design element is the hero image. This is the image that appears on the homepage when a user first opens it. It can help to draw attention to the heading and text. Good hero images are simple, but bright and attract users to the content. As soon as the website opens, it gives off a positive impression and a sense of freshness.

3: Responsiveness

It is important to ensure that the website works well on different screen sizes. It is important not to alter the original design of your website. The design should not be responsive. If the website is viewed on smaller screens, elements may become scattered. This could disrupt the design and result in customers leaving.

4: Hamburger menu

This menu style is very popular on modern websites. Hamburger menus can be used to maximize screen space and reduce content, make websites look cleaner, and to organize it better. It is typically located at the top and denoted with three parallel lines.

5: Visuals are used

Your design will get the boost it needs with bold images that are arranged in a well-planned manner. It would be dull without images and only text. The user will be more likely to pay attention if the images are relevant and contain appropriate content. You can tell your story with high-quality images and give your website a unique twist.

6: Animations and videos are dynamic objects.

Interactive objects, such as videos and animations, can give you an advantage over other designs. Modern web designs have all the necessary tools to run them smoothly. Integration of moving elements is key to a positive user experience. They bring life to your website and intrigue users.

7: Minimalism

Minimalist web design is based on the principle of “less is more.” This means that the website should have a clean appearance and avoid using too many elements. It gives the user a fresh, modern look that allows them to navigate the site easily. It maximizes white space and gives users breaks.

8: Cross-browser compatibility

It is important to ensure that your website works on all browsers. Some elements may behave differently if the website is viewed in a different browser. The website must work smoothly on all browsers and all elements should be displayed in the same way.

9: Color scheme

Your website’s color scheme is an important part of its overall design and look. It is important to choose a suitable and complementary color scheme for setting the mood and creating a great UI. You can make navigation easier by highlighting the important parts. This is also a key factor in influencing people’s minds.

10: Navigation

It is crucial that a user has a smooth experience when using a website. Designers need to make it as easy as possible. Visitors should be able to switch between multiple pages and links on a website easily. Every section should be interactive when scrolling down or hovering above an image.

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