What Are the Features of Laser Coaching?

Laser coaching is a new form of personal development that can make you more effective in your work. Its focus is helping you become an effective leader who can transform your business. The courses usually last between one and eight weeks and are designed to help you reach your goals. This type of coaching is a significant investment that can provide lasting results.

Course content

A Laser coaching course is a great way to learn the ins and outs of coaching. This type of training can be done through video conferencing or over the phone. The course will help you become a masterful coach. The content of the training is very comprehensive. You will learn to listen to your clients, analyze their needs, and use different strategies to get the best results. This type of training is a must-have if you want to succeed in your coaching career. The laser coaching courses can help you become more effective and efficient during your sessions. They can help you recognize your clients’ essence and go deeper than ever. This will help you get the most out of your sessions and create a lasting change.

Course outcomes

Whether you are seeking clarity in a dilemma or want to improve your performance, a laser coaching session can help you get there. These sessions are often conducted over the phone or via video conferencing. They allow you to identify your blind spots and decide how to take action to create your desired outcome. Laser coaching is perfect for people who want to make change happen but need help with how to do it. The process gives you a fresh perspective and a confidential sounding board. Unlike a conventional course, a laser coaching program provides hands-on training. You’ll learn to perform alignments and calibrations and clean and maintain optics. You’ll also gain a thorough understanding of how to repair a laser.

Upon Successful Completion

Upon Completing Laser Coaching, you will be eligible for ICF-approved CCEUs. Laser coaching is an excellent way to make your coaching sessions more effective and efficient. Going deeper and staying focused on your client will maximize your time and create lasting change. Laser coaching allows clients to explore their experiences and reasons for seeking coaching. The coach will probe beyond the client’s initial statements to identify limiting beliefs. By asking direct questions, the client will gain a new perspective on their situation, inspiring them to take action. It is imperative to have a high level of self-esteem to be successful in this type of coaching.

Qualifying as ACSTH coaching academy

Laser coaching is a certification program accredited by the International Coach Federation. The course offers 60 hours of coach-specific training hours. It also includes a Practicum that takes place one hour a week. Students will practice coaching techniques and case studies during this time and receive supervision. The course also provides 6 ICF-accredited Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Laser coaching is based on Marion Franklin’s unique coaching philosophy, which has proven to produce lasting change in clients. This method was developed to solve a common problem in coaching: coaches get stuck in the same pitfalls as their clients. In response to this problem, Marion Franklin developed a revolutionary approach to coaching, which helps coaches create lasting, profound change in their clients.

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