What Type of Essays Is Simpler for Learners?

Essays are not common among student assignments, but, as they say, rarely but aptly. What is the main difficulty? It is a need for more understanding of what precisely this format implies. If there is a straightforward task, it can be solved, and when you need something like that, with your opinion and position, then the main thing is not to go overboard.

That said, some types of essays are much easier to write than others when students should pay for paper to be written. Let’s look at the most popular types of assignments and try to understand which is the easiest for students.

What Is an Essay?

In English, an essay is one of the genres of written works that involves expressing personal thoughts. When composing such a text, the author’s task is often to convey his opinion and argue it; in other cases, you should investigate some issue to give the reader space for his conclusions.

It puts a particular imprint on the style of narration. It is often written in the first-person singular, connective words are used extensively in the text, and emotional vocabulary and metaphors are found.

The Most Popular Types of Essays

There are quite a few different types of essays as various sources distinguish from a few basic ones to ten or more. Today we will talk about the basic types of essays.

Narrative Essays

It is one of the most popular types of essays. When writing such a text, the author has to tell a story based on an experience from real life. Such stories are usually written in first-person format, and the narrative leads the reader to their conclusions.

The author tells a story or describes a real-life experience in this essay. At first glance, it looks like a simple essay, but you should try to attract the reader’s attention and, using the first-person address, to interest еруь and, as it were, make them an “accomplice” to the events. At the end of such an essay, it is necessary to conclude.

The structure of such an essay is quite typical:

  • Introduction. It’s actually a pre-story. You bring the reader into the story and explain why you decided to do this.
  • Main body. It is the story itself with all the events and characters. There can be from 1 to 3 paragraphs, each of which should describe a particular idea or event.
  • Conclusion. Take the most valuable lesson from all the stuff described. Perhaps your first fishing experience with your brother changed your life.

This type of essay is the most popular.

Descriptive Essays

In this case, the primary purpose is to deliver a picture to the reader using different words. It is common for an author to describe situations, people, or objects, putting a more profound meaning into simple descriptions. Usually, such texts affect the readers’ emotions, and the task is also to lead them to conclusions based on what they have read.

The secret to writing essays in this style is a large amount of detail. It is an excellent opportunity to unleash the full potential of your vocabulary. The structure is the same as in the narrative type.

Expository Essays

Analysis refers to a method of research that allows you to study specific parts of an object. Usually, analytical essays analyze a particular problem, that is, the consideration of the problem itself and the identification of patterns in it. The analysis can be a known or little-studied scientific phenomenon, a scientific or artistic work, a historical event, a social problem, or something else.

That is, facts are more important here than emotions in descriptive essays. Therefore, the author should avoid expressing their opinions or feelings even when writing in the first person.

Typically, an analytical essay consists of an introduction, three paragraphs of the main body, and a conclusion, but many teachers require more extended and detailed pieces.

Persuasive Essays

As the name makes clear, the main task of essays of this type is to convince the reader of something, using facts, logic, and descriptions of situations related to the topic. In such texts, it is good to use expert opinions, practical examples, etc. The persuasive essay should clearly state your point of view, explain its advantages over other thoughts, and draw valid conclusions based on it.

When writing this type of essay, success depends on how fully the author analyzes various aspects of the problem discussed, leading the reader to an unmistakable and logically justified conclusion. Before writing a piece, you should familiarize yourself with the existing points of view on the subject to mention in your work the opinions that do not coincide with yours (counterarguments).

A persuasive essay defends a particular point of view on a controversial issue. Therefore, a topic about which there is a single opinion is not suitable for such an essay.

What Type of Essay Is Most Straightforward?

As said above, there are many more types of English-language essays, but these are the main ones. But what is the simplest to write?

At first glance, narrative essays seem like the most accessible type of written piece. The reason is simple: students need to just tell the story based on real-life experience. However, some students may find descriptive or persuasive essays a perfect choice for them. It is based on the learner’s personal tastes and unique abilities.

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